Logo Design Project: Mayara Cabral

Logo Design Project: Mayara Cabral

A few months ago (to be precise: december 2015) I’ve made this logo for Mayara Cabral. I received from her an e-mail with the question if I still was into graphic design and that’s how this logo started and is been created, my first logo ever!

It’s of course very special that someone thinks about you when he/she needs a new logo, especially if you never made a logo before. Since the day I could use paint (you know that program on Windows), so I was around the 9 years old, since that moment I’ve been into graphic design. I mostly made my own headers for years on my old blogs and for a while on Miss Renate and sometimes I changed something for myself or for someone else. That was everything I was capable of so far.
In the summer of 2015 I decided to finally start with digitally illustrate. I already draw and paint as long as I can remember, but doing this digital was something totally new to me. I loved it from the beginning and it didn’t take long to realize this was my cup of tea. So when Mayara asked me to make a logo I of course said yes. It felt like a challenge and wow, I never expected I would make something like this, because I’m so happy with the end result.

Logo Design Project: Mayara Cabral

I of course asked Mayara what she had in mind. She knew she wanted something with (flying) birds. I asked her after that questions like: what kind of font? Do you like more a clean or romantic style? What kind of colors? So this way I understood she wanted something clean, but with a hint of romantic style. She mostly wanted black and white with a little pink and calligraphic letters.
After a few days brainstorming and searching for inspiration I got the idea of the flying birds into a heart. Her old logo had a heart in it, so it made sense to me to use a heart again. Finally the finishing touch was the ribbon, that made it extra girly and romantic.
I also made 4 alternate logo’s. 3 are perfect for in a square and 1 is perfect for horizontal. I used the free font “Freebooter Script” a beautiful calligraphic font. Everything is vector, so perfectly for printed matter.

Do you want a logo that is created and made by me? Then you can send an e-mail to [email protected], so we can talk about the options.

PS: the mock-up here above is also made by me!

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