Food Testing: Candy of Lemon Peel

Food Testing: Candy of Lemon Peel

Candy of lemon peel? Is it possible? YES! I always like to try new weird special things, just because it seems impossible. I heard so many times about making your own candy, so I’ve tested if it is possible to make candy of lemon peels and today I share my opinion.

My opinion

My opinion is double. I think I did a good job on this, because it really looks like candy and it taste like candy. Especially without sugar it looks just like the candy we have here in the Netherlands: the name of the brand is Haribo (it’s originally from Germany). Also the second time was better than the first time I did this. I first tried it with orange peel, but it didn’t look so much like candy and it didn’t tasted so good. I do think it’s also because lemon peel taste better, even if I love orange juice, but also because it just wasn’t as perfect as it should be the first time. So I would recommend lemon peel anyways!
Besides all this it’s lots and lots of work, it would be worth it if it would be super delicious, but it isn’t that great. I will explain why: it does taste like candy, the lemon taste is delicious, but you always taste a bit of the peel and I don’t like the taste of peel.
And everyone I’ve asked to try it said the same thing. It’s great how it looks exactly like candy, it does taste like candy and in the end you taste some peel and that’s awful.
I won’t make it again. It’s too much work and the taste of peel is just awful.

Food Testing: Candy of Lemon Peel

Food Testing: Candy of Lemon Peel

The recipe

I won’t recommend it, it’s so much work and I really don’t like the taste of peel. Even the people who I thought would be okay with it, didn’t loved it. So for the people who want to try it theirself even if I say it’s awful then I have the recipe for you:


3 lemons
600 gram sugar + extra sugar
1080 ml water

Step 1
You wash off the lemons, because you are gonna use the peel of course. After that you sqeeze the lemons so you get lemon juice. You can use the lemon juice for another recipe or make some lemon water!

Step 2
Put the peels in a pan with water until the peels are underwater, let it boil and put the heat on low for 3 minutes. Repeat this until you did it three times.

Step 3
Let it cool down for 20 minutes.

Step 4
Cut the peels in small bars. Don’t forget to cut the center off and make sure most of the inside of the lemon is gone.

Step 5
Use the same pan again. In this pan you put 600 gram sugar and 1080 ml water. Let it boil and make sure the sugar is melted. This says the recipe, but I was a bit impatient this time haha and found out that if the sugar wasn’t completely melted, but almost and put then the peels in it the candy was way better.

Step 6
Put heat on low, add the peels and leave it there 3 hours. Don’t forget to stir the first minutes a few times and then leave it there 3 hours.

Step 7
Drain the peels and let them rest on a baking plate for 8 hours (I just let them dry the whole night).

Step 8
They should be very sticky which is annoying, but the first time it wasn’t so sticky and they weren’t so good. They should be very glassy and sticky. The last step is to cover them with lots of sugar. The recipe I used said 1 cup / 200 gram sugar for covering, but that’s way too much! So just do something like use a plate, put some sugar on it and roll the candy in the sugar. That’s it.

Make sure you use an airtight container. I first didn’t do this and with this one I did, it made lots of difference!

Lactose free: ✓ – Gluten free: ✓ – Sugar free: ✗ – Histamine free: ✗
Vegetarian: ✓ – Vegan: ✓

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