Welcome on MissRenate.com

Welcome on MissRenate.com!

Miss Renate is my personal Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog. It’s also been called nowadays a Lifeblog, but I mostly want to create a place for myself on the world wide web where I can share my ideas, creativity and information & knowledge. I also call it a bit a Portfolio blog and besides that I also feel like it’s a Feelgood blog, because as a chronically ill person I need some happiness and I think everyone needs that in their life! So do you want all the information about MissRenate.com? You can read more in this article!

What topics to expect?

This is such a hard question, because there are way too much topics I want to share and talk about on Miss Renate. There are just plenty of things I love and think is interesting, so I’m gonna try to explain in broadly speaking what topics to expect.


I see beauty as make-up, nail polish and care products, but also make-up techniques, nail art and everything about hair. So you can expect: reviews about make-up, nail polish and care products. I also like to try out new make-up techniques and share them in a tutorial. I really love nail polish and to be creative, so nail art is also something you can expect I’ll share so now and then. You can also expect I’ll write an article about how to fix a broken nail just to give an example. I can watch hair techniques for hours like how to make a certain braid or how to dye your hair in a certain color, so you can expect a lot about hair. And oh I’m for sure sharing make-up looks, because I miss it so much to make make-up looks.
Something else what I think is also very important is to know about ingredients, so you can expect I’ll tell in an article about the ingredients in that product or maybe even a special article about ingredients.
Last but not least: I also just like to try new things like for an example how to get whiter teeth or less frizzy hair, so something like that is also what you can expect.
So actually you can expect everything what is about beauty, make-up, nail polish, hair..

* It’s also nice and important to know that every product I share on Miss Renate is cruelty free.


A topic I didn’t write much about the last years, but which is still a passion of mine and I mean by that: fashion. I think because of being chronically ill it changed my focus on fashion, because from one day to another I couldn’t wear high heels anymore, skinny jeans can give me muscle pain or bellyache, a watch is mostly too heavy for my wrist and a ring on my crooked fingers isn’t a smart idea either anymore, but in heart and soul I’m a fashion lover.
I love clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, just everything that has to do something with fashion. I love to keep an eye on the trends, not like I wear what the trends says, but I do like to know what will be in the stores that season and sometimes there is a trend I love.
My favorite style is bohemian, I just think that’s gorgeous and with a hint of edgy, girly, classy and a little sexy. At least that’s my real style, my everyday style is: comfy, which can be nice too, so I would like to share some tips how to look nice when you are chronically ill!
So you can expect everything about fashion!


This is the most hardest one to explain, because lifestyle goes from recipes to books, movies, interior styling, creative topics and so much more!
You can for sure expect me to write about movies, series, books and music. I watch a lot of movies and series, I just love it and as a chronically ill person it feels productive: resting and watching movies and series and later I can tell what the best ones are. I don’t read that much books the last years, because it’s not easy when you have brain fog (I try to read more books nowadays), but I love books from chicklits to thrillers and especially a lot of information books. And music means of course everything to me, I love almost every genre, I play the piano and I sing as much as i breathe.
I really love being creative, like graphic design, drawing and watercolor painting, writing, photography, but also cooking and baking. Just everything that’s creative can you expect.
Like I said I love cooking and baking, so I like to share my favorite recipes, but I think it’s important it’s delicious, but also healthy! I’m very interested in nutrition, I’m even so fascinated by nutrition that if I will choose to follow a study in the future it’s definitely about nutrition!
I also think that topics about health and mind are very interesting like medicine, psychology and science.. I try to keep myself up to date and I read books and articles about it, but also spirituality and buddhism. I never said it out loud on my blog, but from now on I will do that. I also love to know things about mindstyle and a positive life and besides that I’m also getting more and more interested in a green lifestyle!
So you can expect everything, because my area of interest is HUGE! Even things like interior styling, traveling, the nature and animals, musicals, languages.. you name it and I’m sure I’m interested.
I also want to try to be more personal and write more articles about my personal life, especially like how it is to be chronically ill and my ultimate tips!

How many times blogging weekly?

This is a very difficult question to be honest. I would love to publish hundreds of articles each week, but I don’t have so much time or energy. 7 articles each week are already way too much and especially because I do more besides the blogging and I’m chronically ill of course. So from now on these next months I publish every week one article on monday. After that the monday stays and I want to publish 2-3 articles in the new year. So that’s something I need to figure out myself, but every monday there is a new article!

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