Miss Renate in 2017!

Miss Renate in 2017

It’s a new year, so it’s a new beginning. Happy New Year! I had to start with that of course, because it’s 2017! The last weeks (and even months) I’ve been brainstorming about how to make Miss Renate better, but mostly challenging for me.

Blogging Regularly, but with the Exception

I’m a person that likes to make schedules and to do lists, because that way I can know what to do for a certain article. I always like to try to make pictures first, because if it doesn’t turn out like I want to then I have the time to try it again another time, but that’s also with texts, doing research about a subject or even learn something completely new to get the best result, because yeah.. I’m a perfectionist!
I came to the conclusion when I started blogging again that I only made difficult articles. I want that every article is perfect quality, but also helpful and fun to read. I want to be innovative and original, because I think that’s the most important. This means that I need to do a lot for every article and I really mean a lot! If you still think blogging is easy you are completely wrong. The pictures, the preparations, the texts, research, but also everything I want to learn every time to make it better. I’m really eager to learn and I want to see progress, so with every picture, every text and every little thing I did lots of research and been preceded by practice.
The problem is I’m chronically ill, but I’m also working on some (important) projects and it only took a month before I got some kind of burn out. I couldn’t stop crying, I felt horrible and there was nothing I wanted to do. I just realized I’ve gone way too far over my limits. I just realized there was need a change.
After a long time thinking I came to a few conclusions and this is one of them: blogging regularly, but with the exception. I can give myself room to breathe: it doesn’t work today, because.. I’m too sick, too tired, not feeling happy, having important appointments.. but I’m someone with discipline, so I will do the best I can to post as much articles as possible. It’s just time to learn it’s okay if something doesn’t work out for once and to take a step back every now and then.

I Miss(ed) the Challenge in Blogging

This is a very important point, because I’m doing this already almost 10 years. I have definitely still lots of things to learn and in my opinion you are never finished learning, but I still reached a point that the things that should be good with blogging: pictures, texts, language, writing style.. this kind of things, are good now. Everything can be better like I said, you can endless improve everything and I will continue doing that, but sometimes you are so far that you can say: I know a lot. Besides that I also learned a lot about other subjects because of blogging: everything about cosmetics, fashion, nutrition, lots of creative aspects, marketing and rights, but even to stand up for myself and to care less about what people think about me, like about what I think that’s right and beautiful. I really learned a lot the past 10 years which makes me very happy if I think about it, because yeah, even if you are ill it doesn’t mean you don’t do anything all day! ;-)
I just felt that the challenge was gone. That’s why I decided to focus in 2016 on graphic design. This is also something I’m already doing for a long time, from the age of 8 I started in paint and made my own headers. It just was time in 2016 to sit down for this and to learn everything about it, to practice and finding my own style. I really love doing this, so I will keep doing it in 2017 and probably longer, but I’m even a little lost already with challenge on this now.
I’m now focusing on learning more about coding and webdesign, the languages French and Spanish, Photoshop for advanced, I learn more about the camera settings, filming and video editing, I want to learn more about the green lifestyle, watercolor and mostly botanical art is something I’m learning already for a while, bookkeeping, I even play the piano again.. oh it’s so much I’m learning, the list is endless! I really love learning, it’s something that’s really my thing and what I love to do, but if I know it then I’m already like: okay what’s next? So I’ve been searching and still searching, but there is more clear to me already, what I need to feel the challenge again. I don’t think there will be extremely changes, but for me it will be completely different and especially innovative and that’s what I want! I want a challenge!

Shorter Articles

I’m wordy, that’s just the way I am, because I think that’s why I write. I love words, languages, talking, sharing.. so it just fits me and it is what it is. I’m not gonna change, because someday someone decided “we don’t do long articles anymore, but short ones” even though investigation shows that we do think long articles can be interesting as long as we like the subject or we can learn something from it. I did discover that I do understand the utility and think it’s fun to see it as a challenge: how to make fun interesting short articles? So I’m gonna see it as a challenge in 2017! But I keep writing long articles, because yeah, well that’s me!

Time for Other Projects

There is mostly one project that I think is very important and fun to do besides blogging, I believe it can become a success, it’s something unique, so the chances that you guess it.. is not there haha. It has nothing to do with Miss Renate, but it fits all the things I’m always doing. Very mysterious right? But I also have other ideas for a webshop, but also with graphic design. So I also want to focus on those other projects which let me grow, give me a challenge and something that I think that’s fun and gives me positive energy.


I’m finally saying it out loud, which is very scary haha. I want to start with YouTube! It feels if I say it or write it here that I can’t ignore it anymore, so this time it’s gonna happen for real. I have this idea already for a very long time and long ago I already made some videos, but I want to do it more professional now. I asked for my birthday in may softboxes, I already have the camera and I hear others saying that an iPhone is perfect for a microphone at least the first period. So now I need some skills for filming and video editing and then everything will be alright!
When will I start? I hope in the beginning of 2017, but I don’t mention a date. We will see when I’m ready for it!

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